Oct 21, 2014

Week Eighteen

As the farm winds down and heads back into its quieter dormant state, I wanted to remind each of you of the bounty of this season, and the glory of the swing of the 18 weeks we've been together at the farm.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the season:
Thanks to Beth for sharing another helpful resources!

Dear BOCA shareholders:

I think you will find "The Carbon Underground" website fascinating.  To visit, please click on the link below.  I found it highly educational.


It discusses how regenerative farming practices can help reverse climate change (and bring a whole host of other benefits too) while industrial agricultural practices have the opposite effect.

Here is one quote from the site:

"But if stabilizing our climate and improving our health weren’t reasons enough to farm in a regenerative manner, let’s add greater food security and reduced water needs. Healthy soil is not simply a carbon sink, it’s a water sponge. Therefore it keeps soil moist, even in times of droughts. So we can produce more food, with less water, during the droughts which seem to be occurring more often and with greater severity."

I did not appreciate fully the huge role that agricultural practices have in climate change before visiting The Carbon Underground site and also reading this essay from Organic Bytes


Hope you all find these enlightening too.

Today's Harvest:
ACTUAL Hubbard Squash
A few tomaotes!
and more