Sep 15, 2014

Week Thirteen

Tomato Mania!!! Whoohoo!

Well, it FINALLY happened! We're buried in tomatoes. Much later than ever before! Thanks to all for your patience :-D

One of the delights of being a CSA gardener is the unpredictable nature of each season, and the exciting challenges that arise from things being different every year.
I think that reveling in that notion is my theme this year!

And I'm lucky that as a CSA, all of you wonderful people are along for the ride no matter what. It wouldn't be as much of a delight if I were relying on the $ from selling tomatoes at the market, for example. So thank you for your patience and support!

Truly, it's been a fundamentally different year. Toms took forever to ripen. Winter squash showed up earlier. Melons were more tasty than ever.

Me and many of my farmer friends rely on all kinds of methods and techniques to boost our gardens each year: planting by the moon cycle with biodynamics, or different seed starter mixes, and applications of various organic fertilizers. There are variables and inputs that we can obviously control, but being open and patient about all the unknowns and unexpected and inevitable variations from what I, in my 5 years growing consider "normal" is always a challenge. A lot like teaching- we can curate situations and challenges and provide resources and support... But as much as we want to control the educational outcomes of our students' learning, there are delightful suprises, new challenges, unique perspectives that push us to be nimble and flexible every day. 





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