Sep 1, 2014

Week Eleven

The little acts of kindness that have been occuring since the quake have been delightful, like little sprouts shooting out of the fractured earth. The multitudes of aftershocks and dramatic aftermath, both physical and emotional, have been overwhelming, but the care and generosity that are spreading is remarkable! 

I heard so many of you expressing how happy you were that when many groceries were closed that you had a farm to get food! Some also mentioned that the routine of coming to BOCA was helpful and calming! Happy to be here for you all.

I greatly appreciate Carrie Strohl's idea to have a donation box for the food bank at BOCA. Please look for her setup and donate your unwanted items to the food bank!

Here are 2 simple, late summer ideas...


Stuffed Peppers with good stuff

Still feeling shaken up? How about a cocktail...

Lillet-Basil Cocktail

Aperol Spritz

build in an ice-filled glass
2 oz Aperol
3-4 oz dry Prosecco
1 oz Club Soda
Garnish with an orange wheel

In today's box..


Sweet Peps

Hot Peps

Summer Squash

A few Cukes




And More~