Aug 25, 2014

Week Ten

I hope all of you are safe and sound and picking up the pieces after Saturday night's shaker. i must say that I was absoultely disoriented and terrified, and am very grateful that both home and office are pretty much fine. I have been out to BOCA a few times these past few days. It is wonderful to have a place that is absolutely earthquake safe, so beautiful, and peaceful. I hope you all can find peace in our farm community and open space tomorrow!

Here are a few recipes for sweet treats, as I think we all should treat ourselves after this weekend's trauma!

Strawberries and Cream! 

Peach Pehh

Berry Scones with creme fraiche and lavender

Amazing Vegan banana sundaes

blueberry & rosemary brown butter bundt cake

Community Blogger!

One of our members, Lauren Asher, has shared the following about her life and practice. Note the discount for BOCA members. Enjoy!

Hi, my name is Lauren Asher and I am a member of BOCA.  I just opened up my own Therapeutic Bodywork business in Napa at REV Yoga (301 Post Street off of Silverado Trail) and wanted to tell you a bit about myself and my work (and the discount I will be offering for BOCA members for through September 2014) 

As I child I was quite active, taking jazz, ballet and modern dance classes throughout middle school and high school.  With knees predisposed to injury, I needed regular maintenance to stay out of pain and began to see a Rolfer in high school.  It was through those sessions that I first became interested in bodywork and its healing potential.  After graduating from Connecticut College with a BA in Cultural Anthropology and a Minor in Dance, I moved to Davis, California in 2012 took the 100-hour introductory Massage Therapy course at Massage Therapy Institute in Davis.  Afterwards I continued on with an 100 hours of training in a variety of areas with classes such as Acupressure, Chair Massage, Cranial Sacral Balancing, Massage for Seniors and Myofascial Release.  After my 200 hours of training I began working at a locally owned and operated therapeutic bodywork business in Woodland.  Spring of 2013 I moved to the Napa Valley and continue with my training, taking Neuro Muscular Therapy courses and honing my bodywork expertise through my experience with a variety of clients needing help with various injuries. 

I now have a total of 264 hours of training.  I specialize in therapeutic bodywork for injury rehabilitation and prevention.  Therapeutic bodywork is a manual therapy using massage techniques (Deep Tissue, Cross Fiber Friction, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy) to address specific muscular problems.  I work together with my clients to aid them through the healing process, to alleviate pain, discomfort or hindrance of motion that may be occurring due to injury and/or predisposition from repetitive use.  In addition I practice full-body Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, which increase circulation and decrease muscle fatigue.  I offer three types of sessions, 75 minute ($85) therapeutic full body (or specified areas) massage with a focus on one or two areas, 45 minute ($55) ‘targeted’ therapeutic session ideal for ‘problem’ areas that need attention and a 55 minute ($65) relaxation massage.  Appointments are available online through or by phone (707) 266-6114.  For the next two weeks (through the end of September) I am offering a $15 discount to BOCA members on their first 75-minute appointment ($70 for the first appointment made in September).    


This week's Harvest


Greens : Kales, chards and collards



S Squash



BOCA peaches

(and fruit share peaches too!)

Sungold Cherry Toms

and more!

PYO Flowers! Herbs!