Aug 12, 2014

Week Eight


(and tomatoes...and sweet dumpling squash!)

I am preparing to read part of Michael Pollan's book Omnimovre's Dilemma with my 7th Grade class this fall, during our study of American food systems.

Our reliance on corn, and the issues that stem from that dependency are focus points of his book, and important topics to understand. 
As supporters of a little farm like BOCA, I'm assuming most of you are aware of the problems with large scale industrial farming, including the longterm risks of cycling through the seasons with an extreme reliance on synthetic fertilizers. Because over a quarter of the items in an average grocery store contain corn, this incredible grass is often targeted as a principal culprit in the downfall of our food system. And yes, we are extremely reliant on corn; the fact that genetically modified strains (which perform extremely well in highly chemically controlled environments) dominate much of the rows of american ag lands presents long-term threats to our precious soils. However, there are many consumers, businesses, advocates and growers working hard, paying more and making less because they agree that this reliance on synthetics is not sustainable. Supporting BOCA might feel like a TINY step in the right direction...but the thousands of small CSA's around our country, and the fact that the CSA demand seems to be constantly expanding, show that more and more consumers are choosing to invest in sustainable food choices. Every little bit counts.  
I am happy to be growing our glorious corn in small blocks with No fertilizers other than compost. I've chosen hybridized varietals that have been tried and true for organic farmers. I also have planted a small block of ancient strains of corn (near the herbs and flowers) which will be exciting to harvest and dry in a few weeks. 
I hope you enjoy our FIRST EVER harvest of corn!
Corn recipes:
today's harvest
Peppers, sweet
Peppers, hot
Herbs and TONS of flowers!