Jul 29, 2014

Week Six

Today's harvest is a bountiful one, featuring many new items! 

One of my favorite squash, Delicata is ready today. Hard squash are really the rockstars of the fall harvest, but Delicata are sweet and delectable year round. I have tried each of these recipes and they are all amazing! 

Also coming out of the ground today is the first round of BOCA papas... our beautiful heirloom potatoes. I used to not be the biggest potato fan (except French Fries, of course!) But eating potatoes fresh out of the ground was a revelation. Potatoes from the grocer have generally been in storage for months. The chemistry of the tubers changes in storage, especially in terms of the sugar content. Fresh potatoes are creamy, sweet and incredible in every way! I hope you enjoy them today. Here are a few lovely potato recipes:

Serious Eats Best Potato Recipes

A potato Salad from the one and only Martha

DINO kale with lil 'taters

We picked FOUR tomatoes yesterday! Just like every year at BOCA, our tomatoes dragggg along, taking forever to ripen. But when they arrive...they are HERE with a bang and will carry us all the way to November 4th!

Today's Harvest:

Summer Squash




dandilion greens


Potatoes: Mix of Varieties, Picked today!


Delicata Squash




Green Bell Peppers!

Maybe a few Eggplant

Pick your own

Sunflowers, Zinnias and Dahlias

Herbs: Basil, Dill, Cilantro and MINT!