Jul 22, 2014

Week Five

This morning I watched as various pollinators buzzed and hummed around our community garden. Bumble bees and honey bees dipped around the anise hyssop. A sweet hummingbird clicked as it darted in the dahlias. A dusty moth perched on a white garlic chive blossom.

It's wonderful to see so much of this pollination happening. We are thrilled to have a BOCA bee hive out at the end of our field. Our bees are doing very well, and even produced a little bit of honey this past season! 

Our beekeeper Rob Keller has embarked on a very admirable project, and we're thrilled that its home will be at BOCA Farm. Rob is focused on preserving and improving our own local stock of bees.  A lot of problems facing bee populations, he believes, stem from bees being imported or tranplanted into regions that aren't their native habitats. Here is more information about his project, as well as an opportunity to support his amazing work. 

This week we have more of the delicious bounty of last week! By next week we're hoping for corn and maybe even a few melons!

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