Jul 15, 2014

Week Four

Preservation of the season's bounty takes time and discipline... but always is worth the effort. Personally, I always hoard my preserves until the last minute, ie just tapping into last season's tomato sauce now! But for those of you who are better at rationing off your stockpiles, here are some ideas of how to extend the season with what we currently have in the boxes...mainly cukes and BASIL:

  • Last year I made pesto with BOCA Basil and then froze it in ice cube trays. Then I put the little cubes in baggies and just grabbed a cube when I wanted the summery flavor.
  • 50 things to make with PESTO!! 

  • When it comes to fermentation, Sandor Katz is my main squeeze. His book WIld Fermentation is easy to read/understand and full of cool recipes. Highly recommend!! 

  • Brigit's Ice Water Pickles:

ice water pickles

24 hours

6 1/2 C cold h2o
1 C white vinegar
1/2 C salt
1/4 C sugar
1 T pickling spice
1 clove garlic
2 or 4 cardamom seeds
fresh dill or fennel seeds optional
(I always add more spices & garlic)
1/2 inch slices or spears

place cucumbers directly into large jar. pour in liquid and spices to top. keep in fridge up to a month.


Kales: Dino and Russian







Baby Onions

Collard Greens

Pick your OWN

BASIL, DIll, Cilantro

Dahlias, Cardoons

A FEW Zinnias!