Jul 8, 2014

Week Three

We are at the cusp of the summer explosion and it's hard to be patient! When I walk the field and admire the peppers, beans, corn, tomatoes and melons all progressing beautifully I have to take a deep breath and remember that when they hit, they'll be here for good, and that the tender greens and magical/bitter/brassicae flavors of the beginning of our growing season won't last for long! This year has been a little strange, with a few blasts of heat right off the bat sending our basil, squash and dahlias up early and pushing our cilantro to bolt earlier than ever. Every single season is different- we expect the same items to be coordinated in ripeness each year and they never are- so we go with the flow and make new recipes with what's ready, when it is.


Pickled Slaw from Smitten Kitchen

I've been Cooking from this book recently- Love it 

And for those of you with Fruit Shares....

Today BEETS are making a comeback! We'll have gorgeous chioggia (striped!) beets. Enjoy!

Today's Harvest:

4 Kinds of Summer Squash (and a few blossoms)

3 Kinds of Cucumbers


2 kinds of Radishes


Baby Lettuces

Dino Kale

Russian Kale

Little Onions

a few jalapeños 


Pick Your Own

Dahlias and Cardoon Flowers

Dill, Basil, Cilantro (bolting!) and Italian Parsley