Jul 1, 2014

Week Two

For the past two weeks, Dandelion Greens have been among the leafy foliage appearing at pickup. Dandelion is one of the superstars of the veggie world. As bitter as they are beneficial, these glorious greens are high in calcium, iron, and PACKED with antioxidants. Dandies also have AS much protein as spinach. As an anti-inflammatory, many health risks are quelled by dandelion. 

Their bitterness is calmed by cooking, yet blended raw into a smoothie is one of my favorite ways to enjoy this beneficial botanical.   

Other favorite preparations include spicy dandelion sautee, pesto, and Asian or Southern flavors. The bitterness tends to be complimented by ingredients like goat cheese, egg yolk, and potatoes. YUMMY!

10 Ways to use Dandelion Greens 

This week's basket will include:

Dandelion Greens

Dino Kale

Red Russian Kale

Tokyo Turnips


Mini Heirloom Cabbage

Four Kinds of Summer Squash

Cucumbers: Armenian, Lemon and Pickling

Pearl Onions

Pick Your Own



Italian Parsley

Baby Basil